Python Trip Planner

Discovering Weather Data before Trips with Python

Are you planning your next adventure but not sure if the weather will be fine? This Python Dash app allows you to explore historical weather data for any location you are planning to visit.

DASH Apps with Docker and Google Cloud Run

Guide - How to use Google Cloud Run free tier to deploy your Python DASH apps.

Building Docker Images: Github Actions vs Local Builds

Discovering the differences between building Docker images using the Cloud and Local Builds. Comparing the advantages and limitations, such as automation, resource usage, and build times. Example: Python DASH

Github Actions - Building and Pushing Containers with CI/CD

Guide - How to use Github Actions as your CI/CD tool to build and push Docker containers automatically.

March 5, 2023 · 2 min · 291 words ·  ·  Docker
Python Polar Analysis

Analyzing your Sport Performance with Python and Polar data

As I plan to make a complete route by bike from Tallin to Athens, I need to see how my fitness level improves over the months, to be ready for the next challenge. Polar and Python are helping me with it.