The QuanDL Package

What is QuanDl about?

While looking for financial historical data for our projects, we might be interested to gather historical fundamental data for some companies.

QuanDl is a package available in R that will help is with this task.

You can find the source code at:

How to use the QuanDl package

How to install QuanDl in RStudio

You can install QuantMod in R with the following command:

# CRAN (stable)

Using QuanDl in R

Query Historical Stock Information:

You can use QuanDl to query historical stocks information in R the following way:

First log your API key:

# Get your API key from and include it on a 'config.yaml' file
vars = yaml.load_file("config.yml")
quandl_api = vars$config$quandl_api
# Add the key to the Quandl keychain
Your_Ticker <- 'KO'

df_quandl <- Quandl.datatable('SHARADAR/SF1',
                               ticker = Your_Ticker,

Now enhance the dataframe with a plotly graph:

plot_ly(df1_quandl, type = 'scatter', mode = 'lines') %>%
      add_trace(x = ~calendardate, y = ~ros*100, name='ROS') %>%
                    layout(title = '<b>Return on Sales<b>', xaxis = list(title = 'Date'), 
                 yaxis = list(title = 'ROS (%)'), legend = list(title=list(text='<b> Date </b>')))

Project example using QuanDl

I found PriceR really useful and have used it during the creation of this Shiny project: