After some time of using R and loving it, I was wondering if there was any open source project combining some of my favourite packages to easily get financial data and have it displayed interactively in Shiny.

Since I found nothing on Github, I decided to start it myself.

Libraries that are used to fetch the main data:

Stocks Analysis

In the first tab, you will have available general information of the selected tickers:

The first panel is just using the yfR library to get the data displayed:

The panels below, are using QuanDL, so remember to have your API_key available:

Dividend Analysis

In the second tab of the dashboards, you can find information related to the historical dividends per selected ticker.

This panels have been possible thanks to QuantMod, where we can get access to historical dividen data and then create the following:

Also, thanks to QuanDL, we can have access to some interesting ratios concerning dividends:

Indexes Analysis

Once again, thanks to yfR we can query general market indexes, like SP500, DJ, Nikkei and check on how were the markets behaving globally at a given moment:

Commodities Analysis

Another interesting source of information can be created when comparing the price of commodities with the one of any of the indexes.

Thanks to yfR and this view, we can see the evolution in the relation of any pair index/commodity.

How can I contribute?

The code is accesible from the repository:

Please feel free to fork the repository and experiment with the code.