Python Trip Planner

Discovering Weather Data before Trips with Python

Are you planning your next adventure but not sure if the weather will be fine? This Python Dash app allows you to explore historical weather data for any location you are planning to visit.

R Stocks

R Stocks: Open Source Power for Streamlined Stock Analysis with Shiny

Just for the purpose of improving my R Shiny skills, I was wondering if there was any open source project that gets financial data and display it interactively. Found no active projects, so started this one.

R Shiny Apps

Data Experiment - The Effects of Inflation

In this post I show you how to build a simple interactive shiny dashboard and how to deploy it to shinyapps using its free tier. The topic I chose to visualize is inflation and how affects a person wealth.

R Shiny Apps

How to deploy your Shiny app publically to ShinyApps

Providing that we have a working Shiny Dashboard, we can be interested to expose it to a wider audience instead of just locally. One simple option is to use as I cover in this post.

R Flexdashboards

How to create and deploy Flexdashboard with R

Integrating R Flexdashboards with GitHub Pages. Learn how to create interactive data visualizations, host them on GitHub, and share your insights effectively for free.

October 6, 2021 · 3 min · 548 words ·  ·  R ·  Dashboards