Python Trip Planner with Weather

Trip Planner with Weather: a F/OSS App for Bikepacking

Unpredictable weather led to the creation of the Python Trip Planner app. This open source tool forecasts weather, ensuring a smoother trip planning. Discover the features, how to use it for free and the story behind it.

Trip Planner with Weather - Improving the Default Python DASH UI.

Improving Python DASH UI's: Python Trip Planner with Weather

Improving the UI of The Python Trip Planner Dash App. The layouts importance and how to tweak colors of our charts.

Trip Planner - Historical Weather data displayed interactively with Python

Trip Planner - Discovering Weather Data Patterns with Python

Are you planning your next adventure but not sure if the weather will be fine? This Python Dash App based on Meteostat API data allows you to explore historical weather data for any location you are planning to visit.

SelfHosting SpeedTest Tracker with Docker.

Home Internet Monitoring: SpeedTrackers with Docker

Rootcausing slow home internet speeds with Docker and couple of free open souce solutions: OpenSpeedTest and SpeedTest-Tracker. Learn how to pinpoint the root cause of connectivity issues, optimize your network, and ensure a faster online experience.

R Stocks

R Stocks: Interactive Stock Analysis with R Shiny

An interactive R Shiny App that revolutionizes the way public financial information is displayed. Built on top of well-known R packages for financial analysis: yfR, QuantMod, PriceR and Quandl.