Deploy CrewAI - orchestrating role-playing, autonomous AI agents locally.

Local AI Agents with CrewAI (and Ollama)

Using Local LLMs with Ollam and making them Interact thanks to CrewAI. Guide to SelfHost Conversational AI.

LogSeq: Local AI Powered Notes (with Ollama)

SelfHosting LogSeq - Lets build a knowledge base that can be used together with Ollama.

OLLama - A great project to use Open Source LLM Models locally.

Deploy local LLMs like containers - OLLama Docker

OLLama is a great FOSS project that allow us to deploy LLMs locally and manage them in a way familiar for Docker users.

PrivateGPT - Local Chat with Docs

PrivateGPT: Local LLMs to Chat with your Docs

Lets use LLMs Locally with PrivateGPT and Docker. Chat with your Documents while Keeping Data Safe and Private.

SelfHosting ChromaDB with Docker.

SelfHosting ChromaDB - Free Vector DB for AI Projects

Selfhosting ChromaDB with Docker. Vector Database for Gen AI Projects.