Chaos Theory in Motion: a Double Pendulum Simulator in Python

Exploring the intersection of Chaos Theory with Python and a Double Pendulum Simulator App. Using Streamlit, physics equations, Docker, and Cloudflare, the app showcases the unpredictable dance of determinism and chaos in a digital realm.

Trip Planner with Weather: Crafting a Weather App for My Bikepacking Odyssey

Unpredictable weather led to the creation of the Python Trip Planner app. This open source tool forecasts weather, ensuring a smoother trip planning. Discover the features and the story behind it.

Python Weather Forecast with Open-Meteo

Improving Python Trip Planner with Weather Forecasts: Open Meteo API

Discovering the Open-Meteo Python API to have weather forecasts data insights. Installing the library and preparing plots to include them in the Python Trip Planner Dash App.

Trip Planner with Weather - Improving the Default Python DASH UI.

Improving Python DASH UI's: Python Trip Planner with Weather

Improving the UI of The Python Trip Planner Dash App. The layouts importance and how to tweak colors of our charts.

Self-hosting Python DASH Apps: with Docker (and Cloudflare Tunnels)

Discovering the differences in the deployment process of a Python DASH App (Trip Planner with Weather): Google Cloud Run vs. using the Docker DASH image of the App together with Cloudflare to deploy it securely from home.