R Stocks

R Stocks: Interactive Stock Analysis with R Shiny

An interactive R Shiny App that revolutionizes the way public financial information is displayed. Built on top of well-known R packages for financial analysis: yfR, QuantMod, PriceR and Quandl.

R Shiny Apps

R Shiny Apps in a Docker Container

Exploring the integration of Docker and R Shiny, focusing on reproducibility in software development. Creating a Shiny Docker image for the R Stocks project to simplify deployment and sharing of our interactive data applications.

R Shiny Apps

How to deploy your Shiny app publically to ShinyApps

Providing that we have a working Shiny Dashboard, we can be interested to expose it to a wider audience instead of just locally. One simple option is to use ShinyApps.io as I cover in this post.