Create your website with Grav CMS and install it with Docker.

Exploring Grav CMS: A Powerful Flat File CMS

Installing Grav CMS with Docker is a user-friendly static site generator that offers speed, flexibility, and security advantages over other CMSs. Discover how to build websites that are easy to maintain.

SelfHosting Ghost CMS with Docker.

Your Alternative to Wordpress: Ghost CMS

Building a website with Ghost CMS: How to Install with Docker and Expose Safely to the Internet with Cloudflare Tunnel.

Web3 Simplified - Why and How to Get your Own

Everyone talks about Web3. I was wondering if I could use some knowledge that I got while creating static sites with HUGO and its actually pretty simple. Follow this post and you will get your Web3 ready in 2 hours.

June 19, 2022 · 3 min · 555 words ·  ·  Web
SelfHosting Umami with Docker.

Alternative to Google Analytics - Umami

SelfHosting Umami with Docker. Forget about cookies pop-up, be GDPR compliant out of the box and learn how to use Umami together with HUGO SSG.

Succesfully installation of UptimeKuma with Docker.

Monitor Websites Status - Uptime Kuma

Installin Uptime Kuma - the free and open-source monitoring tool that allows you to monitor the health and performance of your web applications and infrastructure.