Time, it’s all about Time.

Understanding your Productivity Peak

Finding your prodictivity rhythm.

Establish Boundaries

More can be less in terms of productivity if you dont have the actual time to complete to the end the tasks or assigments.

Scheduled To-Do

Replacing the to-do list for a scheduled To-Do.

  • The timeframe in which the task can be actionable is key.

Avoid Multi-Tasking

We can do more than one thing at a time. But our brains can’t focus in more than one thing at a time.

  • Understand the switching cost - when changing tasks, it will require time to get the background variables in place before actually making progress in the task
  • Background tasking - your focus is somewhere else
  • Overcome the opportunity addiction
    • One thing at a time
    • Get better at saying NO (to you and to others)

During Meetings

Focus in actions to be taken and its dependencies.

Remove Time Liabilities

These are the things that use time because they are out of day or under-performing.

Overcome the Analysis Paralysis

When presented with too many options, you might be consfused and not sure how to move forward.

Stop for a moment and break the concepts in steps. Look for the first minute activity that would make you be one step closer to completion.

Prioritize Work

  • Is this actually needed?
    • Keep in mind the value that the customer perceives out of this task
    • Try Reverse Pilot - Scale the activity back / eliminate a task and check if it makes a difference
  • Can it be delegated?
  • Can it be automatized?
  • Am I the bottleneck? - Aka, stopping others to be productive?