SelfHosting FlowiseAI with Docker.

FlowiseAI: Create AI Apps with Low Code UI

Developing LLMs APPs faster with UI together with Flowise AI. Start your Low Code AI journey.

Embedchain: Open Source RAG Framework

Guide to SelfHost your LLMs powered by EmbedChain RAG Framework.

OLLama Web UI - A great project to use interact with Ollama with a friendly UI.

Making Ollama Better - OLLama Web UI

OLLama is an amazing project. And Ollama Web UI makes it even better. Control your local LLMs with this F/OSS UI built on top of Ollama.

SelfHosting Vector Admin with Docker.

Vector DBs? Local LLMs? I wanna SelfHost it!

What are Vector DBs? Why do we need one? Managing VectorDBs with UI with to VectorAdmin. Lets SelfHost VectorAdmin with Docker and use it with Local VectorDBs.

Deploy CrewAI - orchestrating role-playing, autonomous AI agents locally.

Local AI Agents with CrewAI (and Ollama)

Using Local LLMs with Ollam and making them Interact thanks to CrewAI. Guide to SelfHost Conversational AI.