Self-hosting Python DASH Apps: with Docker (and Cloudflare Tunnels)

Discovering the differences in the deployment process of a Python DASH App (Trip Planner with Weather): Google Cloud Run vs. using the Docker DASH image of the App together with Cloudflare to deploy it securely from home.

DASH Apps with Docker and Google Cloud Run

Guide - How to use Google Cloud Run free tier to deploy your Python DASH apps.

Docker images with GH Actions and local builds compared.

Building Docker Images: Github Actions vs Local Builds

Discovering the differences between building Docker images using the Cloud and Local Builds. Comparing the advantages and limitations, such as automation, resource usage, and build times. Example: Python DASH

Docker images with GH Actions and local builds compared.

Github Actions - Building and Pushing Containers with CI/CD

Guide - How to use Github Actions as your CI/CD tool to build and push Docker containers automatically.

March 5, 2023 · 2 min · 422 words ·  ·  Docker
SelfHosting SpeedTest Tracker with Docker.

Home Internet Monitoring: SpeedTrackers with Docker

Rootcausing slow home internet speeds with Docker and couple of free open souce solutions: OpenSpeedTest and SpeedTest-Tracker. Learn how to pinpoint the root cause of connectivity issues, optimize your network, and ensure a faster online experience.