SelfHosting ChatWoot - Customer Engagement Platform

SelHosting ChatWoot - Open-source live-chat, email support, omni-channel desk. An alternative to Intercom, Zendesk, Salesforce Service Cloud.

FlowiseAI: Create AI Apps with Low Code UI

Developing LLMs APPs faster with UI.

Embedchain: Open Source RAG Framework

Guide to SelfHost your LLMs powered by EmbedChain RAG Framework.

OLLama Web UI - A great project to use interact with Ollama with a friendly UI.

Making Ollama Better - OLLama Web UI

OLLama is an amazing project. And Ollama Web UI makes it even better. Control your local LLMs with this F/OSS UI built on top of Ollama.

SelfHosting Vector Admin with Docker.

Vector DBs? Local LLMs? I wanna SelfHost it!

What are Vector DBs? Why do we need one? Managing VectorDBs with UI with to VectorAdmin. Lets SelfHost VectorAdmin with Docker and use it with Local VectorDBs.