Succesfully using BARD through Firefox and VPN with Docker.

Using Google's Bard Anywhere: Docker, Firefox and VPN

Using Google BARD Anywhere by installing Firefox in a Docker container and routing its traffic through a VPN. This secure setup enhances your online privacy and data protection, ensuring safer browsing.

Self-hosting Python DASH Apps: Docker and Cloudflare Tunnel

After deploying the Trip Planner DASH app in GCR last month, I got an interesting bill to pay. That made me consider to use the Docker DASH image of the App together with Cloudflare to deploy it securely.

Exploring Grav CMS: A Powerful Static Site Generator

Installing Grav CMS with Docker is a user-friendly static site generator that offers speed, flexibility, and security advantages over other CMSs. Discover how to build websites that are easy to maintain.

Succesfully installation of Matrix with Docker.

Matrix - Synapse server with Docker and Cloudflare

Installing Matrix server with Docker and Cloudflare - decentralized messaging platform that provides a secure and privacy-focused alternative to centralized messaging services like Facebook/Whatsapp/Telegram.

Timelite: Tracking Time Tool

Installing Timelite with Docker - Boost your productivity with this time tracking open source tool. Learn how tracking your tasks can improve your focus, planning, and provide actionable insights.