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May 15, 2024 · 4 min · 688 words ·  ·  Self-Hosting
SelfHosting Dify AI with Docker.

SelfHosting Dify AI: No Code AI Apps

Selfhosting Dify AI with Docker. Vector Database for Gen AI Projects.

SelfHosting MetaGPT.

MetaGPT: Open Source Multi-Agent Framework

Develope your ideas faster with MetaGPT - F/OSS AI Multi Agent Framework.

Fast AI Apps with SQL - MindsDB

Connect your data to a full ecosystem of state-of-the-art of ML and LLMs with MindsDB

SelfHosting Transmission with Docker.

Torrenting with Transmission and VPN (Proton VPN)

Self-hosting Transmission using Docker (and VPN: Gluetun with Proton VPN). Use P2P responsibely while keeping your privacy.