SelfHosting qBittorrent with Docker.

Torrenting in Docker: qBittorrent and VPN (Mullvad)

Self-hosting qBittorrent using Docker (and VPN: Gluetun with Mullvad). Learn how to maintain control, enhance privacy, and boost security in your torrenting activities.

WEBTOPS with Docker.

Boosting Productivity - Installing Webtops with Docker

Elevate Your Productivity: Use the Power of Webtops with this simple Docker Installation, enabling seamless workflows and device flexibility for enhanced productivity across diverse platforms and locations.

Succesfully using BARD through Firefox and VPN with Docker.

Using Google's Bard Anywhere: Docker, Firefox and VPN

Using Google BARD Anywhere by installing Firefox in a Docker container and routing its traffic through a VPN. This secure setup enhances your online privacy and data protection, ensuring safer browsing.

Self-hosting Python DASH Apps: with Docker (and Cloudflare Tunnels)

Discovering the differences in the deployment process of a Python DASH App (Trip Planner with Weather): Google Cloud Run vs. using the Docker DASH image of the App together with Cloudflare to deploy it securely from home.

SelfHosting SpeedTest Tracker with Docker.

Home Internet Monitoring: SpeedTrackers with Docker

Rootcausing slow home internet speeds with Docker and couple of free open souce solutions: OpenSpeedTest and SpeedTest-Tracker. Learn how to pinpoint the root cause of connectivity issues, optimize your network, and ensure a faster online experience.