Whishper: Local Audio Transcription

Installing Whishper with Docker, the Free, Local and Open-Source Audio Transcription.

SelfHosting Tabby - Guide to use Open Source LLM Models as Code Completion Tools.

Tabby: Free Github Copilot Alternative

Lets SelfHost Tabby, a Free and Local Coding Assistant. Use Open Source LLMs, and interact with them locally, using regular CPUs to help you Code for Free. Say Goodbye to Copilot and the Cloud.

Miro Alternative: Selfhosting ExcaliDraw with Docker

Stay Productive with this F/OSS Miro Alternative. ExcaliDraw with Docker.

Stable Difussion with Automatic111

Running Stable Difussion Locally with Automatic111

From Fiction to Function: A Hands-On Guide to Open Source LLM Models.

TextGenWebUI with Docker - LLMs Locally

Explore the capabilities of Generative text AI models. Dive into Open Source LLMs, and learn how to interact with them locally and for FREE. We will use our CPU only and Docker for a robust dependencies setup.