Whoogle Docker Guide

How to use Google without being tracked

We have to admit that most of use use Google search services as a routine, but at the same time we can get tired of the targeted advertisement.

Whoogle will help us with it.

It will allow us to use Google search engine locally, so our data is not leaked to their servers.

Whoogle - Docker container:

Docker - First steps

One recurrent topic that has to be addressed in the first place is to setup docker in our machine.

For that, you can check this guide or if you want to have a general introduction on how to use adapt configuration files you can check this guide.

The configuration file that we will use today is:

Deploy with CLI

Providing that the previous steps are clear, we can jump to our terminal and use:

sudo nano docker-compose.yml

This will open a text editor, where we can paste the following configuration file:

To save, use CTRL+O, then CTRL+X to exit.

Then just deploy the service with:

sudo docker-compose up -d

You are ready to discover the devices in your LAN, the service will be running in or localhost:5000 if you use the configuration file as it is provided.

If you have deployed it in one device at home, you can use it from any other connected at the same router, just use the internal IP of the device in which you made the deployment.

You can check that in Linux with:

hostname -I


How to Deploy Nginx Proxy Manager

If you are interested in deploying a separated NGINX instance with Docker, I already created a guide for that here.

Check similar services

Interested to discover similar services that you can self-host with Docker? - Check this out: