Python Trip Planner with Weather

Trip Planner with Weather: a F/OSS App for Bikepacking

Unpredictable weather led to the creation of the Python Trip Planner app. This open source tool forecasts weather, ensuring a smoother trip planning. Discover the features, how to use it for free and the story behind it.

Python Weather Forecast with Open-Meteo

Improving Python Trip Planner with Weather Forecasts: Open Meteo API

Discovering the Open-Meteo Python API to have weather forecasts data insights. Installing the library and preparing plots to include them in the Python Trip Planner Dash App.

Trip Planner with Weather - Improving the Default Python DASH UI.

Improving Python DASH UI's: Python Trip Planner with Weather

Improving the UI of The Python Trip Planner Dash App. The layouts importance and how to tweak colors of our charts.

Self-hosting Python DASH Apps: with Docker (and Cloudflare Tunnels)

Discovering the differences in the deployment process of a Python DASH App (Trip Planner with Weather): Google Cloud Run vs. using the Docker DASH image of the App together with Cloudflare to deploy it securely from home.

Trip Planner - Historical Weather data displayed interactively with Python

Trip Planner - Discovering Weather Data Patterns with Python

Are you planning your next adventure but not sure if the weather will be fine? This Python Dash App based on Meteostat API data allows you to explore historical weather data for any location you are planning to visit.