How to use LangChain to chat with your PDFs

How to create a Streamlit App to chat with your docs by using OpenAI API + FAISS Vector Store.

How to Manage Python Dependencies (for AI and not Only)

The fastest way to start trying Generative AI Python Projects that have been open sourced. Get the dependencies right and run simply run them.

Python Trip Planner with Weather

Trip Planner with Weather: a F/OSS App for Bikepacking

Unpredictable weather led to the creation of the Python Trip Planner app. This open source tool forecasts weather, ensuring a smoother trip planning. Discover the features, how to use it for Free.

ChatGPT Clone

Generative AI with Python: GPT4ALL and Local LLMs

Lets learn how to use Open source LLMs together with Python with GPT4All.

Python Weather Forecast with Open-Meteo

Improving Python Trip Planner with Weather Forecasts: Open Meteo API

Discovering the Open-Meteo Python API to have weather forecasts data insights. Installing the library and preparing plots to include them in the Python Trip Planner Dash App.